Australian Fuel Reserve Depletion

Risk Analysis and Assessment

Author Name – Russell Collins
Last Revision Date – 13 May 2020

  • Risk Factor 15% 15%
  • Impact Factor 85% 85%


Describe the core issues in a nutshell

Body of Work

Expand on the issues, explain why the ratings are given as they are, indicate gaps to be filled 

1. Introduction

Expand and explore the issues at hand. Bullet point analysis is fine. 

1. Point A

2. Point B


2. Risk Factor Rationale

What is the likelihood of this particular risk eventuating? Explain the thinking…

3. Impact Factor Rationale

What are the severity of impacts likely to be, in the scenario this risk does eventuate. 

4. Gaps in Understanding

It’s good to detail the areas that are not well understood or documented if known. This gives others the opportunity to fill in gaps as they arise. 


Summarise the risks and potential impacts 

1. Risks & Impacts

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2. Cross References

Mention here other risk assessments on this site that are pertinent to the issue at hand

Actionable Recommendations

Recommendations that lead to greater resilience on this topic

1. Actionable #1

Transition to a lifestyle that is less reliant on immediate and regular supply of fuel to get to work and / or make a living

2. Actionable #2

Invest in food reserves that allow for the possibility of food supply chain issues

(Reference: See Topic – Food Shortages)

3. Actionable #3

Invest in alternative and backup energy options in the case of grid down events
(Reference: See Topic – Grid down)


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