Designs Gallery – Concept to Production

Here are a few of the things we’ve been working on, some are conceptual and some are in production through one of our partners. Himalayan Rocket Stove in India does most of the production volumes at this stage, however we also have small volumes in Australia through Eco Stoves Australia. 

Eco Stoves Cooker

Pilot Production 2021/22

Eco Stoves Heater

Prototype in Development

Eco1 Rocket Stove

Currently in Production in India, and approved for carbon trading with South Pole. Currently over 10,000 units in the field (including its variants).

Eco Camp Cooker

Small, compact and portable, this is an ideal camping unit and also serves as a rapid response emergency cookstove for regions impacted by disaster. In production in India and Australia. 

Eco Hot Box

This is a small compact space heater with horizontal rocket flame path designed for space heating with 2 pot cooking. 

Clay Smokeless Cookstove

This is a design we came up with and which is now being rolled out across India through the great work by the ‘Smokeless Cookstove Foundation’. 

Designing for Social Impact

Eco1 Rocket Stove

Reducing pollution, wood demand and drudgery for women in the Himalayan regions of India and beyond.

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Eco Camp Cooker

Saving cooking fuel costs in a small and portable format that can be applied to the global adventure camping market, as well as in rapid response emergency scenarios. 

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Zero Cost Cookstove

Teaching village people in developing world situations how to make a zero cost smokeless cookstove out of clay.

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