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At Rocket Man Designs, we are passionate about designing better things. Our team creates innovative designs that make a difference around the world. From ESA Cookers to FBR Heaters, and from Camp Stove Cookers to Rocket Pizza Ovens, we bring cutting-edge solutions to your everyday needs. 

Eco Stoves Cooker

Eco Stoves Heater

Eco1 Rocket Stove

Camp Stove Cooker

Rocket Pizza Oven

Clay Smokeless Cookstove

Designing for Social Impact

Eco1 Rocket Stove

Reducing pollution, wood demand and drudgery for women in the Himalayan regions of India and beyond. 

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Portable Efficient Cookstove

Saving cooking fuel costs in a small and portable format that can be applied to the global camping market, as well as domestic home cooking in low income regions. 

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Zero Cost Cookstove

Teaching village people in developing world situations how to make a zero cost smokeless cookstove out of clay.

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